Biz Crossing is an entrepreneur- owned and -operated mergers and acquisition firm in Ashland, Mo. The company specializes in helping middle market-sized businesses sell their business, buy a business for their portfolio or raise growth financing through private equity, mezzanine debt and strategic partnerships. Gerald McKinney is Biz Crossing’s chief executive officer. Nelson Muller serves as vice president of business development.

Gerald McKinney – CEO/Founder BizCrossing

Gerald is a serial entrepreneur with a background in science, technology and finance.  Gerald graduated from the University of Missouri and also studied at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain and La Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.  In 1999 he founded Home Movie Depot Inc. which grew to become a multimillion dollar, International Corporation.  Home Movie Depot was acquired by ScanDigital Inc. in 2011.  Gerald is also the owner and managing director of McKinney Properties LLC which owns several commercial office buildings.






Nelson Muller – Vice President/Business Development

Nelson brings extensive business development, marketing, and financial knowledge to Biz Crossing.  Nelson attended the University of Missouri’s prestigious Journalism School and previously worked as a television reporter and radio personality.  Before Biz Crossing, he also worked in business development in the media, textile, and physician recruiting industries.   He has traveled extensively, visiting all six habitable continents.