You didn’t let thoughts about what others said could or couldn’t be done hold you back while starting, building, and growing your business.

Don’t start limiting yourself as you think about retiring or transitioning to the next chapter of your life either.

You have numerous options for exiting including:

-Earning a financial reward and walking away
-Earning a financial reward and staying on as an active leader in the business
-Passing your company down to loyal employees in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

“Which path is best for me and my team?”

This will depend largely on two factors: your preferences and market conditions.

The biggest factors relating to how marketable your company is to investors are your recent track record and your future vision for the business.

So you really have two factors at play here: the past and the future. Hard numbers and intangible vision. Art and science.

As a result, seeking investments from private equity firms or other businesses is only partially transactional, and it is mostly relational.