If your business is in growth mode and you are in need of capital, we offer customized solutions to help you achieve your goals.

An opportunity may present itself for a strategic acquisition, or you may have experienced a plateau with your current business and need to actively search for a business to integrate into your operation.

If you have a vision for a growth opportunity and a track record of success, we can help you confidentially and credibly market that idea to investors who share your vision.

“How do you raise capital?”

We are selective about the businesses and clients we represent, which allows us to give you our full attention.

We believe a mutual vetting process is important and are confident that you will be impressed with our experience and can trust us to represent you for one of the biggest financial events in your life.

We have experience in raising capital for business owners and relationships with private equity firms who are interested in investing in the visions of entrepreneurs and business owners.

“How do you know which is the right financing solution for my business?”

Experience and relationships are the biggest factors. There are an infinite number of possibilities including traditional bank financing, non-traditional funding sources, private debt or equity, or any combination of the above.

If you have spoken with other business owners or representatives from traditional lenders, you may think your options are limited to the value of your tangible assets.

Today’s private equity investors are more than willing to invest in opportunities with great potential, regardless of hard assets.

You may be skeptical of talking to outside investors because of concerns about debt repayment or losing control in giving up equity.

“Will I have to give up control of my company in the process?”

Not necessarily. Certainly that is one option, and it may be attractive to you depending on your goals as it may mean a larger liquidity event for you.

But there has been a change in the private equity markets in recent years, and many investors are willing to make a minority investment and allow you to keep control of the business.

The market timing is currently good for sellers or those raising capital. After a decade of low returns on publicly traded stocks and bonds, accredited investors are actively looking to deploy their cash in middle to smaller market companies with good growth potential.

The most important factors in successfully earning outside investment are the owner’s experience and potential and the company’s recent historical performance.

“If the top two factors to success in raising growth capital are owner-dependent, why do I need an intermediary?”

We do the heavy lifting on the deal so you can continue to do what you do best. We handle financial due diligence and modeling, finding potential investors, marketing your opportunity, negotiating offers, and everything else you need so you can keep growing your business as your number one priority.

There is also the important matter of confidentiality. As your representative, we are able to approach potential investors confidentially, filter through to the serious candidates, and handle non-disclosure agreements to protect your interests.

“How do I know working with you is a good financial investment?”

We are in business because of our ability to add value, just like you.

We are an independent start-up, so we know the importance of investing wisely. Our service returns your investment many times over, and we only get paid for successfully completed deals.

It costs nothing for consultations, valuation, and a study of the marketplace to get an idea of what we can do for you.

We have experience in raising the market value of our client’s businesses.

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