Do you remember the theme song to ABC’s School House Rock?  Maybe you grew up on it, or maybe your kids did, and you remember the catchy theme song.

“It’s great to learn!  ‘Cause knowledge is power!”

Sir Francis Bacon is credited with coining this maxim in Latin as “ipsa scientia potestas est” or “knowledge itself is power” about 370 years before the functions of conjunctions at junctions hit the airwaves.

Biz Crossing exists to help entrepreneurs maximize the value of their business during major transitions, like selling your company.

As an entrepreneur-owned and -operated company, whose founder went through a successful exit himself, we know first-hand the pressures and the concerns on the horizon as you prepare for this major step in life.

What happens next?

The value of your business is likely a disproportionately large piece of your personal wealth puzzle.  And the first step to a transition is planning how it will affect the next act of your life.

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We have knowledge, and power, to share.

The first step is to gain knowledge of the current market value of your business.

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